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Säännöt Englanniksi, Ranskaksi, Saksaksi, Espanjaksi ja Italiaksi
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players 3-8
age 8+
time 30+ min

The adventure continues in the land of the Brothers Grimm...
In Fabula – previously called Grimm when displayed in prototype form – one player takes on the role of Wilhelm Grimm in the process of writing his new tale.

He presents a prologue for one of twenty stories, then lays out what he wants to include in the first chapter of the story, based on what's printed on the scenario card for that story.

The other players each represent a character in the imagination of the writer – the wolf, the witch, the knight, the young dragon, etc. – and they incorporate one of the items available on the table into a suggestion for how the chapter might unfold. If the writer approves of a character's direction, that player scores a point; if not, that player scores nothing. In either case, the item used is out of play, and the next player can now lead the story in a new direction or play off the first player's suggestion.

Once each player has made a suggestion, the writer reads the lead-off for chapter 2, with players now scoring two points if their suggestion is deemed worthy. Players score three points for a good suggestion to chapter 3, then the two players with the highest scores compete to give the story a satisfying epilogue that incorporates the final two items on the table. Whoever does this best wins.

Created by Jean-Louis roubira and Régis Bonnessée
Illustraded by Mélanie Fuentes
- 54 item cards
- 44 quill markers (misprinted as "48" on box)
- 20 large sized "settings" illustrations
- 12 characters on their stands
- 1 cardboard easel
- 1 rule and scenario book
- 1 sand timer

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