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Fighting American #1-2 of 2 (Awesome; 1997)



First Issue  #1 - August 1997     Last  #2 - October 1997


The compelete set, all 2 issues:

Fighting American #1  August 1997 [etukannessa: September, nimiölehdellä: August]]

Fighting American #2  October 1997


Awesome Entertainment, 1997, värikuv., 26 cm, niittinidos.


Ote Wikipediasta:

A two-issue miniseries (August–October 1997) from Awesome Entertainment, written by Rob Liefeld (story) and Jeph Loeb (script), and penciled by Liefeld and Stephen Platt, had originally been produced for the  "Heroes Reborn" version of Captain America for Marvel Comics. [12] Here, Fighting American was a retired superhero coping with the death of his partner. The miniseries came about, Liefeld said in 2007, while he was packaging a Captain America series for Marvel. In early 1997, the company, which had filed for bankruptcy, asked Liefeld to accept lower payment for his studio's work. He refused and was removed from the series. Liefeld called Fighting American co-creator Joe Simon and Roz Kirby, widow of co-creator Jack Kirby, who agreed to license the character to him, but at a price Liefeld would not accept. Liefeld created the similar character Agent America, drawing "maybe three pinups and one poster image", but withdrew the character, he said, when Simon threatened to sue. Liefeld negotiated a new deal for Fighting American, but was then sued by Marvel. During the course of the trial, he said, his version of Fighting American acquired a shield. As one of the terms of the settlement, however, Fighting American was forbidden from throwing his shield like a weapon, to distinguish him from Captain America.


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