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Francis the Talking Mule Complete Collection features the hilarious escapades of the delightfully funny, old army mule…who happens to talk! Including all 7 movies from one of the most beloved comic series, Donald O’Connor stars as bewildered soldier Peter Stirling, who is helped out of one tricky situation after another by the unlikeliest of heroes, his pal Francis. Join the smart-alecky talking mule who continues to enchant audiences with his yackety-yakking, wise-cracking antics that the whole family can enjoy!

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Keenly waiting for this release of the complete collection of FRANCIS films. Wondering if I grew up on the Universal City backlot because what I remember most from my Saturday afternoon matinees at the local movie house are screenings of Abbott and Costello, Ma and Pa Kettle, Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie in the Arabian desert and of course, Francis the Talking Mule. Thank you Universal-International, for catering for boys and girls of all ages during those so-called "innocent" days of the fifties. Of these seven films, the first six were directed by Arthur Lubin and starred Donald O'Connor supported by the usual bevy of Universal-International contract players and wonderful character actors. Some of the up and coming stars to look out for are Tony Curtis, Clint Eastwood, Piper Laurie, Martha Hyer, Julie Adams, Mamie Van Doren, Gregg Palmer, David Janssen, Martin Milner and Paul Burke. Lubin was an interesting director who made the memorable 1943 version of "The Phantom of the Opera", "Rhubarb" (the cat), more or less discovered Clint Eastwood and created and produced the unforgettable MR. ED series for television. Mr. Lubin certainly made a career out of loveable animals which we should all be grateful for. The series of FRANCIS movies were no classics but just highly entertaining fun flicks, full of corn and delight, helped enormously by O'Connor's likeability, the loveable mule and of course, the gravelly voice of Chill Wills. Incidentally the last film, probably the weakest of the series, featured a couple of significant changes: Mickey Rooney replaced O'Connor and Paul Frees became the "voice". You won't be disappointed with these films. Just sit back and enjoy them for what they are, just wacky, harmless entertainment for all.


Love this Francis the Talking Mule DVD Collection. Donald O'Connor is featured in all the films but one. The last feature film stars Mickey Rooney - another great addition to this collection. We have Chill Wills as Francis the talking mule.who tries to keep his bewildered soldier friend, Peter Stirling played by Donald O'Connor from getting into any trouble. These films will truly enchant and delight audiences of any age.
The films include:
Francis the Talking Mule
Francis Goes to the Races
Francis Goes to West Point
Francis covers the Big Town
Francis Joins the Wacs
Francis in the Navy
Francis in the Haunted House
I highly recommend this complete DVD collection. You will not be disappointed.

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