The Only Number 1 Song Recorded by a Father and Daughter  !!!!!!




 SIDE  B  ..  THE WORLD WE KNEW (over and over)


Label  ..  Reprise Records  - GRE 0727

Format  ..  Vinyl, 7", Single, 45 RPM

Country  ..  US

Style  ..  Big Band, Vocal

It was the middle of the '60s,while Frank Sinatra was definitely a show business power and legend, he had only one #1 hit during the rock era -that was "Strangers in the Night," which he'd recorded the previous year. 

"Something Stupid"  ...   was destined to become the classic. 

The song was a collaboration of Frank Sinatra's producer, Jimmy Bowen, and his daughter Nancy's producer, Lee Hazelwood. Frank had originally brought the record to Hazelwood and played it for him, asking him if he liked it. Hazelwood replied that he loved it and "If you don't record it with Nancy, I will."

"Okay, let's record it," replied Frank. "Book a studio."

Not quite so fast. The executives at Frank's Reprise Record didn't quite cotton to the idea of a father and daughter singing an out-and-out love song to each other. It sounded kind of kinky at the time (even today, in this "anything goes" era we live in, a father-daughter love song is still somehow taboo). An executive at Reprise approached Frank and told him of their apprehensions and misgivings. 

Frank, famous for his explosive temper, did not get upset. He just blithely told the executive it would be okay and not to worry  !!!!!!!!

Frank & Nancy Sinatra ~ Something Stupid (1967) - YouTube




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