Hardcover: 128 pages

Publisher: Assouline; 01 edition (24 July 2002)

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 2.3 x 33.9 cm

A collection of the most desired, envied, and debonair men in history. From the frock coats of Gainsborough's portraits to city workers' two-piece suits, men and their fashion have made a vital contribution to our collective notion of style. One of France's leading fashion and style specialists, author François Baudot juxtaposes paintings and photographs of famous and lesser-known figures dating back almost 200 years, embodying centuries of elegance and style."The Allure of Men is not a book about fame or custom-fit clothing, it's a salute to all those things men (rich, famous, white, black; whatever) do to leave their mark."

From the Inside Flap Masculine elegance, so flamboyant and colorful up until the end of the 18th century, became almost non-existant in the 19th century. From the frock coats of Gainsborough's portraits to the city workers' two-piece suits, the structure of men's clothes evolved at a slow pace. But the language of this uniformity has subtly varied in its details, in the cut, proportion or materials of a piece of clothing. Though individually these different elements are almost imperceptible, each is resolutely identifiable, and each makes a vital contribution to the even more intangible notion of style.

This book juxtaposes paintings and photographs of movie stars, politicians, artists, or lesser-known figures dating over almost two centuries, whose very different silhouettes, when placed alongside one another, encapsulate a certain idea of modern elegance and its concern with style.

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