The Future is Wild series explores what life on Earth will be like in the far distant future - one in which humans are extinct and the global climate is radically altered.

Combining knowledge of past evolutionary processes with computer-generated animation, the series imagines the future of the planet and the creatures that will populate it with great detail and originality.

Return of the Ice
The episode is set in North Europe, 5,000,000 years into the future. The episode focuses on three species: (1) Shagrat, a descendant of the marmot that has grown in size and developed thicker fur and a smaller nose to protect it from the cold; (2) Snowstalker, a descendant of the wolverine that has evolved sabre-teeth and white fur for camouflage; (3) Gannetwhale, a descendant of the gannet which has grown to immense size to replace the sea mammals. The episode explains that the onset of the ice age was very fast, so many animals died out. The ones that did survive had to have quick generations so they evolved fast. This is why rodents are still successful. The episode follows the story of a female Snowstalker teaching her cubs to hunt, the Gannetwhales breeding season and the mass migration to the south of the Shagrats.

Cold Kansas Desert
The episode is set in North America, 5,000,000 years into the future. The episode focusses on three species: (1) Deathgleaner, a massive carnivorous vampire bat that spends the day hunting for prey in the desert and spends the night in a communal roost; (2) Spink, a descendant of the quail whose wings have become digging paddles. The species lives much like the naked mole rat of our time; (3) Desert Rattleback, a descendant of the agouti, when lives in the cold regions. The episode explains that the onset of the ice age caused the agricultural belt of the USA to turn into a desert where temperatures at night regularly reach freezing. The episode shows how the animals have evolved to cope with the harsh features of this forbidding landscape.

Kuvasuhde: 16:9
Ääni: Englanti (Dolby Surround)
Tekstitys: Suomi, ruotsi, tanska, norja
Kesto: n. 50 min

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