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Gamma Men: 440 (NKVD Records)

Gamma miehet sotkevat todella upesti Australian kitararockin brittipunkkiin.

HUOM: Levy on muoveissa, siksi kuvassa hassuja "raitoja"

Arvio Magnet lehdestä:
"Sure, you may think that Radio Birdman, Celibate Rifles, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Dead Boys, et al, are punk heroes, but hindsight cant be cashed at the bank, and it cant bring back Stiv or Johnny, either. As with those bands in their original heydays, San Diegos Gamma Men are unheralded prophets. If you care about non-stop power chords and thrumming basslines, and supercharged, martial drum-thump, this is where the real punk revival begins, kids. No skankin allowed. Guitarists Tom Gallego and Gary Meyer work off each other instinctively, like Strummer and Jones or Diggle and Shelley, and the rhythm section of Dave Elizondo (bass) and Steve Gardner (drums) is as precision gifted as Tommy and Dee Dee were, yet blessed with the same kind of r&b tight-but-loose feel that Rick and Bruce from the Jam had. All four members write classic songs; Gardners "Lets Make Em Shake Tonight" pays musical and lyrical homage to Radio Birdman and adds raunchy sax bloot. Signature cut "Out of Fashion" summarizes the bands status and concludes "Who gives a fuck!"; it rocks harder than the entire first Generation X album. By the time a jagged cover of the Nomads "Surfin In The Bars" spins up, the Gammas have buried the current crop of so-called punk bands while reinventing the genre in terms only the most feebleminded will not recognize - volume, attitude, anti-fashion, fun."

1  Johnny Cant Rock  2:33  
2  Out Of Fashion  2:26  
3  Bad Chemistry  3:16  
4  What You Needed  2:45  
5  Why Does It Always Have To Be This Way  3:24  
6  Decades Behind In the Times  4:32  
7  Your Whole Life Doesnt Make Much Sense  3:09  
8  Lets Make Em Shake Tonight  2:11  
9  In Love With Negativity  3:01  
10  Love Is Space and Time Measured By the Heart...Bullshit!  2:14  
11  Vinyl Fever  2:52  
12  Paved With Good Intention  3:14  
13  Time To Change  3:51  
14  Nixon  5:37  
15  Surfin in the Bars  2:35

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