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Gamma Men: Driving Music (NKVD Records)

Gamma miehet sotkevat todella upesti Australian kitararockin brittipunkkiin.

HUOM: Levy on muoveissa, siksi kuvassa hassuja "raitoja"

Arvio The Bob #48
"Music to slam your auto into a semi and crawl out laughing by. This quartet is the seamy underbelly of San Diego that all the Rocket/Jehu-struck A&R geeks have overlooked. What could be more timely, and therefore untrendy, than playing straightahead PUNK ROCK like it was played in London, LA, NYC and Cleveland circa 78? "I Cant Take Anymore" is as fine a slice of Damned/Birdman/Lazy Cowgirls tuneage as it comes, and it pretty much sums things up: thick yet concise riffs that burn like acid rain; confident vocals riding (as opposed to overruling) the melody; killer instinct rhythm section that takes the song, and therefore the listener, on a ride. (You want a ride? Check out the bands surf tribute instrumental "The Theme From The Exxon Valdez"!) One supposes that the presence of premier fanzine (Noise For Heroes) editor Steve Gardner in the lineup, as skin thumper, would clue you in to the no-bullshit approach. If not, the inclusion of covers of Iggy ("Search and Destroy", a terrific disc closer), Exploding White Mice ("Do The Crunch", close to the heart of any Oz-rock lover) and Buzzcocks ("Harmony In My Head", easily the best Cocks trib Ive ever heard) should bring you nearer to the truth. Which is, of course, that potent, hi-energy rock doesnt have to sacrifice a damned thing to leave scars on the heart, soul, and mind. So are you gonna be part of the problem afflicting the so-called alternative nation, or are you gonna be part of the solution? Me, Im joining the Gamma Army."

1. Blinding Love  2:28   
2. Do The Crunch  2:17   
3. I Cant Take Anymore  3:49   
4. The Theme From The Exxon Valdez  3:00   
5. Once Like You  2:51   
6. Megalomania  2:09   
7. Love Fades  2:42   
8. The Four Year Itch  4:49   
9. Harmony In My Head  2:48   
10. Cries and Whispers  3:41   
11. World Gone Mad  2:30   
12. Wonderful World  2:09   
13. Without You  2:19   
14. Ill Be Gone  3:34   
15. Someday Soon  2:22   
16. Hypocrisy  2:49   
17. Mr. Yesterday  3:07   
18. Vegetables Is Murder  2:31   
19. Gotta Have You  2:18   
20. Dark Surf  3:43   
21. Search And Destroy  2:56 

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