Myydään Fantasia-elokuva Golden Compass 2-levyn erikoisversio Blu-ray formaatissa.

Ihmeellisessä rinnakkaismaailmassa, jossa noidat liitävät taivaalla ja jääkarhut hallitsevat lumista pohjoista, erään aivan erityisen tytön kohtalona on ratkaista universumin tulevaisuus. 

Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards) saa haltuunsa Kultaisen kompassin, jonka salaisuuksia vain hän pystyy tulkitsemaan ja estämään sen avulla maailmaansa – ja samalla kaikkia rinnakkaismaailmoja – syöksymästä pahuuden valtaan.

Codec: VC-1 (22.63 Mbps)
Resolution: 1080p
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Audio: English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1

Subtitles: English, English SDH

Two-disc set (2 BD-50)
Bonus View (PiP)

Playback: Region B (Britti julkaisu) 


The Novel: Author Philip Pullman and the Consequences of Curiosity – An engaging look at the book's intelligent and well-spoken author, which covers some of his personal history as a teacher in Oxford area schools, the genesis and inspiration for his fantasy trilogy, and the public reaction and literary accolades that followed. Only in the last few minutes is a theme, a literary through-line if you will, ever discussed in this featurette – and the topic of knowledge and fact versus oppressive ideology, i.e. organized religion, is carefully avoided. Rather, it's given the ambiguous descriptive theme of the "consequences of curiosity;" a character's coming-of-age and the acquisition of intelligence and wisdom.

The Adaptation of Writer/Director Chris Weitz is chiefly an interview with the eponymous filmmaker, as well as a chosen number of New Line executives. This feature follows the rise and fall of Weitz as initial director choice, then resignation to a writer credit only, and back again to the director's chair. Anand Tucker had been chosen as the film's new head after Weitz's resignation, but left in less than a year due to the oft-cited "creative differences" with the studio. 

Finding Lyra Belacqua: Introducing Dakota Blue Richards – As the title would imply, the "savage" character of Northen Lights' young protagonist Lyra is described in further detail, and the 2006 open audition in Cambridge is depicted at length. Young prospects discuss why the books appeal to them, and how they find they can relate easily to the imperfect scoundrel of a girl. Naturally, the audition progress of Richards is recalled and praise is heaped upon the young actress for a job well done.

The Alethiometer: Creating the Truth Measure – By Pullman's own admission, the "golden compass" began its life as little more than a MacGuffin; something the master of Jordan could give Lyra before she began her ventures away from the college. As most anything else in the author's fantastic realm, the role and significance of the object grew exponentially as he wrote further. Production designers, conceptual artists, art designers, and prop masters reveal the development history of the actual film prop, and from where they derived inspiration for its design. The prop's subsequent forging, construction, and detail application is actually quite fascinating to behold.

Dæmons – Cast and crew discuss the creation of and interaction with these ubiquitous CG creations. Technical factors like rigging and modeling dozens of species was a financial concern, while the composition of shots and sequences with so many critters running about became a cinematic issue. As Pullman explains, dæmons work well on the page because he only calls attention to them when he needs them to speak or act. On film, the sheer amount of animal spirits creates confusion about focal points within a scene. The cumbersome process of using of taxidermed "stuffies," plushies, and small green facsimiles during filming, as well as the hiring of extra crew as puppeteers and prop assistants, makes one again question the point of producing this story in live action. Senior VFX Supervisor Mike Fink frankly stated at one point during this feature, "We're essentially creating an animated movie with live action."

Production Design: The Emotional Fabric of a Parallel World – Interviews with chief production designer Dennis Gassner, as well as art directors, conceptual artists, and prop masters on Lyra's world, familiar and yet so different from our own. Best described as a sort of sci-fi Victorian "steam punk" style, much of the technology relies on exotic forms of power like "anbaric current" or "naphta" lamps and stoves. Themes in design are discussed, such as the use of circles versus ovals in various environments. The sheer amount of props and sets built from scratch for this film is mind-blowing, especially considering the majority of it never makes a clear appearance on screen, and is solely produced for ambiance.

Costumes – Head costume designer Ruth Myers cites influences and inspirations for the various apparel styles used for character groups in the film, as well as the principal cast, and what look she wanted to evoke for each of them.

Oxford: Lyra's Jordan – A bit of on-location shooting is the backdrop for this look at the creation of Pullman's architectural amalgam known as Jordan College. Taking "the best bits" from places like Exeter, Oxford, and other grand locales across Europe, Jordan is yet another iconic symbol of Lyra's world – so familiar, and yet so different all at once.

Armoured Bears: The Panserbjørne of Svalbard – Effects animators at Framestore CFC talk at length on bringing the super-ursine race to CG life. The principal character of Iorek Byrnison, as well as his nemesis Ragnar Sturlusson, are discussed especially; from the differences in their build and stature, to the design of their armour, to their epic and complexly animated battle for the bear kingdom. VFX Supervisor Ben Morris echoes Mike Fink's sentiments from the Dæmons featurette. "It feels like a CG feature film. There's elements of live action, but in a lot of our sequences we just take over and the only live action element is a little girl who was shot on a green screen stage. Everything else is generated in a computer."

Music – Composer Alexandre Desplat, who had until now never scored a film of such an epic scale, discusses the musical themes for many of the characters and locations in the film, with samplings of each in turn.

The Launch: Releasing the Film – Mainly a depiction of Richards' journey through the insane press junkets of the Cannes Film Festival and, ultimately, the world premiere of the film. The sheer amount of hoopla and much ado is enough to make anyone extremely cynical about the superficial glitz of the film industry, really.

As mentioned before, The Golden Compass BD also includes art galleries for "Armoured Bears," "Costumes," "Dæmons," and "Posters." A three-tiered "Production Design" gallery depicts art and photos for objects, vehicles, and environmental lighting studies for set construction. An interactive "Alethiometer" gallery of sorts allows the viewer to toggle through the instrument's various symbols, and reveal the three principal meanings for each of them. The film itself features both audio and "enhanced visual" commentary with director Chris Weitz, a picture-in-picture function that shows a lot of talking heads and relevant behind-the-scenes footage.

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