Gran Turismo 5
Sony Playstation 3 -peli
PAL(Euro) -versio

Gran Turismo is one of the biggest names in videogame racing, renowned for its unique level of realism and stunning graphics. Every version has set the benchmark for other driving simulators to follow, and now - with the awesome power of the PS3 behind it - Gran Turismo 5 is about to raise the bar right to the very top. Get ready for a truly remarkable driving experience, crammed with spectacular courses and hundreds of cars, each painstakingly recreated from their real-life counterparts. And when you add that unprecedented level of detail to a raft of innovative new features, modes, options and online entertainment, Gran Turismo 5 speeds into a league of its own, beyond anything we've seen in a racing game before.

Over 800 car models, 35 tracks (60 layouts), Mission mode, Arcade mode, Ad-hoc mode, Player to player car trading and more Innovative online feature-set allows gamers of any ability to find a driving challenge to match their interest and driving skills Unmatched photo-realistic graphics and game immersion Encyclopaedic approach to motorsports, everything is here from family friendly run-arounds to 1000BHP tarmac crunching monsters The benchmark title in its genre and the game by which other driving games are judged.

Hieman naarmuinen, toimivaksi testattu peliCD, ohjekirja ja kotelo. Alkuperäisjulkaisu. Peli on englanninkielinen, ohjeet ja kannet ranskaksi.






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