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When we released the original Vintage Electric Guitar Bible a few years ago we knew that, if there was ever demand for another one, it would have to be very different. The first edition mostly concentrated on the often-called ‘Big Four’: Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters, Gibson Les Pauls and ES-335s. And although the big boys haven’t been ignored in this 2015 edition, its pages contain a more varied, at times positively eclectic, mix of features featuring a whole range of vintage makes ’n’ models.

We look at people’s first and favourite loves, highlight some off-piste vintage gems – and even contemplate the present and future health of the vintage market. One thing is certain: vintage instruments still have legions of devotees and few are immune to their charms.

All of us here at Guitar & Bass Classics are fans of modern gear, and this publication isn’t all about dismissing everything new. However, we recognise and revel in the plentiful joys of guitars from yesteryear, and we hope that you feel the same as you read on. 

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