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Harvinaisempaa scifi-räiskintää Microsoftilta.

Shoot to kill. Think to win.

As commander of the awesomely equipped Hellbender prototype attack craft, you alone must destroy the soulless Bion invaders before they carry out their mission of annihilation. The future of the Coalition of Independent Planets rests on your shoulders.
Features the voice of X-Files star Gillian Anderson as E.V.E. (Enhanced Virtual Entity), your Hellbender onboard computer.

Blast the Bion menace with today's hottest technology.

  • Feel the rush of intense multiplayer aerial combat. Dogfight with up to eight competitors over a local area network, four players on the Internet, or two players over a modem.
  • Experience staggering CD-quality sound.
  • Blaze through mind-searing graphics when supported by Direct3D technology with a 3-D graphics card.

Explore mysterious worlds with countless surprises.

  • Each mission pushes you to the limit with multiple objectives and deadly adversaries.
  • Endless territory awaits your exploration- along the planet's surface, above the clouds, and in vast underground caverns.

Rock the galaxy from the lethal Hellbender craft.

  • Draw from an awesome arsenal of weapons, such as the Sledgehammer Rocket, Dispersion Cannon, and Doomsday Mine.
  • Perform intense aeronautic maneuvers with full freedom of movement and complete cockpit views.

Decipher a sci-fi story of danger and discovery.

  • Hollywood script writer Geof Miller created this compelling sci-fi adventure.
  • Numerous cinematic clips are fully integrated into the gameplay.


Windows 95-peli, testattu (enemmällä tai vähemmällä vaivalla) toimivaksi myös 2000:ssa, XP:ssä ja 7:ssa, toiminee Vistallakin.

Kutakuinkin naarmuton, toimiva CD koteloineen ja ohjeineen, alkuperäinen pahviloota ja microsoftimainen määrä lisenssi- ja varoituslappusia. CD-key-tarra cd-kotelossa. Pahvilootan etumuksessa sotkuja (kuva on myytävästä yksilöstä).

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