Patricia Highsmith: This sweet sickness

  • Penguin Books paperback edition, 1982
  • pokkari, 250 sivua
  • Kannessa kulumaa ja ryppyjä. Pysyy hyvin koossa. Sisältä ok kuntoinen.

Psykologinen trilleri englanninkielellä.

Scientist David Kelsey has his heart broken by old fiancée Annabelle, after he leaves town for several months and returns to find that she's found another man. However, unable to move on from his first love, he labours under the vain hope that she will one day leave her new husband, and so secretly buys a beautiful house in the country with the intention of setting up home for them. This blossoming obsession soon leads the young man down some very dark paths, and could spell disaster not just for him, but also for Annabelle and his two friends Wes Carmichael, a colleague with an unhappy home life, and Effie Brennan, an artist whose unrequited love for Kelsey may prove her undoing...

hakusanat: trillerit jännärit jännitys psykologiset jännärit thrillers books in English

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