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Huudettavana harvinaista herkkuja italosta ja eurosta pitäville "mukana myös vähän muita genreitä"

Ainostaan nouto mahdollinen !

Muutama kuva maxeista alapuolella.

(levyjen kunto pääosin hyvä/uudenveroinen mutta myös muutama tyydyttävä mahtuu mukaan)

toivottavasti jaksat lukea listan loppuun.

Italo / Euro / yms Maxit  yht.153kpl

Black Box :  Hold On

Skipworth & Turner : Can’t Give Her Up

Shirley Murdock : As We Lay

Den Harrow : Charleston / Badboy Remix

Oscare : Reconsider

Impedance : Tainted Love

Keisha Jackson : U Need A Lover

Lynda Hayes : Don’t You Love Me Anymore

Man To Man : Energy is Eurobeat / I Need A Man / Male Stripper

Linda Jo Rizzo : Heartflash (Tonight)

Teena Marie : Jammin

Latin Lover : Casanova Action

Die Ärzte : Bitte Bitte

Alisha : Baby Talk

Paradise Programme : The Rain

Aleph : Break Away / Megamix

Raww : Don’t You Try

Robbie Nevil : C’estlavie

The Max Him : Danger Danger

Hi-Liner : Gimme Love

Tia : Toy Boy

Ago : Computer

Claudja Barry : Down And Counting

Joe Yellow : Love At First  (Special Remix)

D.J. Atomico ”Herbie” : Atomic House

Nomad : Just A Groove

Lost : Technofunk

The Fearless Four : Rockin’ It

Joe Coleman : Get It Off The Ground

Janice Dempsey : Do You Want Love?

Major Weeks : Don’t Give Up

Den Harrow : Charleston

D.J. Pierre : Get On The Floor

African Business : In Zaire Business

Staxx : Love Joy

East 17 : Gold

Afrika Bambaataa : Feeling Irie

Azure : Break Away

Adame : Some Music Plays

Cyndi Lauper : True Colors

Masquerade : Set It Off

Tracy Spenser : Love Is Like A Game

Masquerade : One Nation

Beggar & Co : Life

Lift Up : Diamonds Never Made a Lady

Partners In Kryme : Turtle Power

Hardhouse ”mixed by Todd Terry” : Bee Boys

Sylvester : Tell Me Remix / All I Need

Brother Beyond : The Harder I Try ( Remix )

Luke Acid C : Gotham City Gets ”Loca”

Barbara Roy : Gonna Put Up A Fight

Plastic : Slave To The Beat

Samantha Fox : Touch Me ( I Wan’t Your Body )

Starmix Featuring Freakaristic : Let Da Music Take Control

Shai Gould : I’m Ready For Love

Rygar : Star Tracks

Inner City : Whatcha Gonna Do With My Loving

Lady & Gent : Diana

Carrara : S.O.S Bandido

Bomb The Bass : Megablast / Don’t Make Me Wait

Georgia Jones : Let The Music Play

Will To Power : Fading Away

Martinelli : Revolution

Righeira : Hey Mama

Sean Novak : This Is Your Captain

Sweet Life : I Get Lifted

Lee Marrow : Mr.Fantasy ( Dedicated To: Patrick Cowley)

C.C. Catch : I Can Lose My Heart Tonight

Chip Chip : Never Say Goodbye

Kym Mazelle : Useless

Culture Beat : Got To Get It

Divine : Twistin The Night Away

Blue Mercedes : Love Is The Gun

InnerCity : Big Fun

The Chantoozies : Witch Queen

Carolyn Harding : Memories

Cappella : Take Me Away

Dead Or Alive : Something In My House / D.J.Hit That Button

Chriss : Sweets For My Sweet / Empire Of Love

Technotronic : This Beat is Technotronic

Utah Saints : Belive In Me / What Can You Do For Me

Via Verdi : Diamond 2 ( American Remix )

Toy : All American / Blue Night

Mordern Talking : Cheri , Cheri Lady

Mandy : Positive Reaction

Lady Lilly : Non e Vero

Kylie Minogue : I Should Be So Lucky

Duran Duran : I Don’t Want Your Love

Radiorama : Chance To Desire

Modern Rockerty : I Feel Love Coming

Lime : Do Your Time On The Planet (remix) / Say You Love Me (remix)

Emf : Lies

Maxhim : Japanese Girl

Boiling Point : Starstruck Lover

Edwina : Dark Glasses

Sinitta : Right Back Where We Started From / I Just Can’t Help it

Scotch : Money Runner

Gino Soccio : Magic

Information Society : Walking Away

Salico : I’m On Fire

Technotronic : Pump Up The Jam

Tatjana : Chica Cubana

Den Harrow : Don’t Break My Heart

49ers : Touch Me (remix)

Deborah Kinley : September Remember

Deskee : Dance Dance

Snap : Rythm Is A Dancer

Judy La Rose : Voodoo Love

Evelyn Champagne King : Hold On What You’ve Got (remix)

East 17 : House Of Love

Alyson Williams : Sleep Talk

Adamski : Back To Front

Joan Orleans : Talk Of The Town / Save your Love For Me

Laser Dance : Technoid

Carmen Gomes : Your Car’s Too Big

Kongo Band : Afrikan Man

Sweet Sensation : Sincerely Yours

Black Box : I Don’t Know Anybody Else

Alyson Williams : My Love Is So Raw

Brian Ice : Tokyo

Jellybean : What’s It Gonna Be

Sweet Thunder : Everybody’s Singing Love Songs / Slick: Space Bass

Boys Dont Cry : Who The Am Dam Do You Think You Am

Novecento : Excessive Love

Deborah : Just Touch

KLFs : Megamix (Funny Music For Your Crazy Party) (keräily levy)

Bombers : Music Fever / ( Everbody ) Get Dancin  (värilevy)

Sweet Heat : Do You Like It , Like I Do

Trilark : Love Never Looked Better

Judy B. : Thank You

Jinny : Feel The Rhythm

Twenty 4 Seven : It Could Have Been You

Touche : Warp It Up

Paul Mc Douglas : Turbo-Geil

Captain Memo : Just For You

Ciber People : Doctor Faustu’s

Bass Bumpers : Can’t Stop Dancing

Alphaville : Big In Japan

Snap : Ooops Up

Snap : Cult Of Snap

Tracie Spenser : This Time Make It  Funky

Cindy Lauper : Change Of Heart

Tricky disco : Tricky Disco

Jelly Bean : Just A Mirage (remix)

Lifesighs : Get Nervous

Aleph : Black Out

Candi : Under Your Spell (Club Mix)

Expressive Men : Get Under Remix

Oleta Adams : Rhythm Of Life

Milli Vanilli : Girl You Know It’s True

Savage : Celebrate

Koto : Dragon’s Legend

Lp:t  ja Mix Levyt yht. 50kpl

Beat Box Master Tracks Vol 1

The Best Of Bingoboys

Tone Loc : Loc’ed After Dark

Skymusic ( kokoelma )

Modern Talking : The 1st Album

Hit Mix 86 (kokoelma)

Top Ten Super Hits (kokoelma)

Mega Dance Party Mix Vol. 7 (kokoelma)

Acid Mix (kokoelma)

Run DMC : Tougher Than Leather

T.R.D 1100 (Italo kokoelma)

Space Invasion (kokoelma)

Alyson Williams : Raw

Claudja Barry : I. Claudja

Snap : The Madman*s Return

Italo Boot Mix: Vol: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7/ 8 / 9 / 10 /11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 16.

Boleromix : 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7

Hitalo Beat Mix


Dance 88 ( Tupla kokoelma )

Cappella : Helyom Halib

Beat Street (leffa musat)

Bassomatic : Science And Melody

Taylor Dayne : Can’t Fight Fate

Jingles From U.S.A (vuodelta 1981)

Jingles Specially For D.J’s (vuodelta 1984)

ChostBusters (leffa musat )

Gloria Gaynor : Stories

Patrick Cowley : Mind Warp

Inner Circle : Black Roses

Sylvester : All I Need

Italo House (kokoelma)

Paula Abdul : Forever Your Girl

Rapping Up The House (kokoelma v.1988)

Sinkkuja 20kpl
Madonna: La Isla Bonita
Nancy Martinez: For Tonight
Nu Shooz: Point Of No Return
Hithouse: Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat
Inner City : Ain’t Nobody Better
Orca: She Was Made For Lovin
Sweet Sensation: Love Child
Vision Masters feat. Kylie Minogue: Keep On Pumpin’ It
Hitek 3 feat. Ya Kid K: Spin That Wheel
Clubland: Hold On
Silicon Dream: Marcello The Mastroianni
The KLF: Last Train To Trancentral
The Beatmasters With Merlin: Who’s In The House
Salt-N-Pepa: Let’s Talk About Sex
Technotronic: Megamix
Hithouse: I’ve Been Waiting For Your Love
Jody Watley: Real Love
Wee Papa Girl Rappers: Get In The Groove
Shades Of Rhythm: Extacy ep
2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone

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