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This item is made of high-tech material, all in one, attractive and durable, far from deforming after repeatedly bending, an excellent choice for high-strength work with hardness.


Made of high-tech memory material, suitable for high-strength work with hardness, no deformation after repeatedly pressing.

Perfect on details and more accurately trimmed, can be matched with an outstanding artwork.
Lightweight, portable, anti-skid, high strength, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high efficiency and durable.

When you deal with tinny things, it will act as if you have a electronic hand. Reasonable design in accordance with finger size, more comfortable to use.

2.5Flat 0.8Star 1.5Pillips T2 T5 T6 with manetic head on the screw driver, when taking the screws down, it's not easy to lose them;
Suction cups will decrease the risk WHEN changing a screen;
Spudger and Tweezer will help you with those places that human hands can't reach.

Perfect fit for iPhone Samsung Smartphone, PC, tablets, semiconductor, precision electronic components. What a necessity in your tool case.

Model: JM9102
Color: Black, Orange
Material: Metal+Plastic
Used For: for iPhone Samsung Smartphone, PC, tablets, semiconductor, precision electronic components.
Package Size: Approx. 27 * 22 * 3.5cm / 10.5 * 8.58 * 1.36in
Package Weight: Approx. 325g / 11.37oz

Item color may show slight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.
Be careful some of them are sharp, keep them away from the children.

Package Lists:
1 * Screwdriver 0.8Star
1 * Screwdriver 1.5Pillips
1 * Screwdriver 2.5Flat
1 * LCD Opening Pliers
2 * Suction cup
1 * Dual heads flexible opening tool
1 * Spudger
1 * Opener
1 * Tweezer



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