James Brown: 5 CLASSIC ALBUMS Plus BONUS TRACKS -4CD (Real Gone Music). Digitally Remastered.

Track Listing
1. Please Please Please
2. Chonnie-On-Chon
3. Hold My Baby's Hand
4. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
5. Just Won't Do Right
6. Baby Cries Over the Ocean
7. I Don't Know
8. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
9. Try Me
10. That Dood It
11. Begging Begging
12. I Walked Alone
13. No, No, No No
14. That's When I Lost My Heart
15. Let's Make It
16. Love or a Gane
17. There Must Be a Reason
18. Strange Things Happen
19. Messing with the Blues
20. Why Do You Do Me
21. I've Got to Cry
22. Fine Old Foxy Self
23. I Want You So Bad
24. It Was You
25. I've Got to Change
26. Can't Be the Same
27. It Hurts to Tell You
28. I Won't Plead No More
29. You're Mine You're Mine
30. Gonna Try
31. Don't Let It Happen to Me

1. Think
2. Good Good Lovin'
3. Wonder When You're Coming Home
4. I'll Go Crazy
5. This Old Heart
6. I Know It's True
7. You've Got the Power
8. If You Want Me
9. You're Right Baby
10. So Long
11. Just You and Me Darling
12. Yes I Do I Love You
13. I Don't Mind
14. Come Over Here
15. The Bells
16. Love Don't Love Nobody
17. Dancin' Little Thing
18. Lost Someone
19. And I Do Just What I Want
20. You Don't Have to Go
21. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do

1. Hold It
2. The Scratch
3. Night Train
4. Night Flying
5. Suds
6. Cross Firing
7. Sticky
8. Pt. 1 Mashed Potatoes
9. Pt. 2 Mashed Potatoes
10. Pt. 1 Dish Rag
11. Pt. 2 Dish Rag
12. Hot Chilli
13. Pt. 1 Wobble Wobble
14. Pt. 2 Wobble Wobble
15. Pt. 1 Loo Key Doo Key
16. Pt. 2 Loo Key Doo Key
17. Slow Down
18. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag/I Got You (I Feel Good)/Prisoner of Love
19. It's a Man's Man's Man's World

1. Hot Pants
2. Gep Up (I Feel Like A) Sex Machine
3. Cold Sweat
4. Try Me
5. Please Please Please
6. Say It Loud
7. Super Bad
8. Get on the Good Foot/Soul Power/Make It Funky
9. Cold Sweat
10. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
11. Payback
12. Damn Right I Am Somebody
13. Papa Don't Take No Mess
14. My Thang
15. Hell
16. I Got You (I Feel Good)
17. Bewildered
18. I'll Never Neve

Album Notes
Releasing his first five albums in three years, funk pioneer James Brown was busy earning his title as the Hardest Working Man in Show Business right from the get-go. Collected in the four-disc set Five Classic Albums Plus, those five albums, Please Please Please (1959), Try Me! (1959), Think! (1960), The Amazing James Brown (1961), and James Brown Presents His Band (1961) take listeners on an amazing, rhythm-filled romp through the singer's early days and commercial breakthrough with his band, the Famous Flames. A compilation for new fans and collectors alike, the set also includes plenty of B-sides, singles, and live tracks (including sets from Brown's appearances on Soul Train in the '70s), giving old fans plenty to pour over while the newly initiated break in their dancing shoes with these classic albums.

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