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James Brown 50th anniversary collection 2xCD. HUOM! kotelossa on alunperin ollut myös DVD, mutta se ei enää ole tallessa. CD:t hyväkuntoisia.

1 Please, Please, Please (Single Version)
2 Try Me (Single Version/Mono)
3 Good Good Lovin' (Single Version)
4 I'll Go Crazy (Single Version)
5 Think (Single Version)
6 Bewildered
7 Lost Someone (1961 Single Version)
8 Night Train (Single Version)
9 Prisoner Of Love (Album Version)
10 Out Of Sight (Single Version)
11 Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Pt. 1)
12 I Got You (I Feel Good)
13 It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World (Mono)
14 Bring It Up (Single Version)
15 Let Yourself Go (Single Version)
16 Cold Sweat (Part 1)
17 Get It Together (Part 1)
18 There Was A Time (Live At The Apollo Theater/1967)
19 I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me), Pt. 1 (Single Version)
20 I Got The Feelin' (Single Version)
21 Licking Stick - Licking Stick (Pt. 1 / Mono)
22 Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud (Pt. 1)
23 Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Extended Version)
24 I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself), Pt. 1 (Single Version)
25 The Popcorn (Single Version)
26 Mother Popcorn (Part 1)
27 Ain't It Funky Now (Single Version)

1 It's A New Day, Part 1
2 Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine (Pt. 1)
3 Super Bad (Pt. 1)
4 Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved (Part 1)
5 Soul Power (Part 1) (Single Version)
6 Hot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants) (Pt. 1)
7 Make It Funky (Pt. 1)
8 I'm A Greedy Man (Pt. 1)
9 Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothin'
10 There It Is (Pt. 1)
11 Get On The Good Foot (Pt. 1)
12 I Got Ants In My Pants (Pt. 1)
13 Down And Out In New York City (Single Version)
14 Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
15 Doing It To Death, Pt. 1 (AM DJ Version)
16 The Payback, Pt. 1
17 My Thang
18 Papa Don't Take No Mess (Pt. 1)
19 Funky President (People It's Bad)
20 Get Up Offa That Thing
21 Bodyheat (Part 1) (Single Version)
22 It's Too Funky In Here (Single Version)
23 Static (Part 1 & 2) (Album Version)

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