James Maverick: The Sovereign Man
Kustantaja: James Maverick
Kieli: Englanti
Painovuosi: 2014
Sivumäärä: 217
Sidonta: Nidottu, pehmeäkantinen
Kunto: Hyvä

Muuta: Kansissa pientä kulumaa ja nuhruisuutta; sivuilla alleviivauksia tekstissä mustekynällä.

"The Sovereign Man is an instruction manual for becoming a man of high value, confidence and action.

The purpose of the book is to built a healthy foundation that allows you to be successful and flourish in all spheres of life. Warning: this book doesn't provide quick fixes or shortcuts. 

In this 218-page no-fluff book, you'll learn about:

- The number one factor that’s responsible for making you attractive or unattractive to others.
- Eliminate neediness and desperation by doing what you enjoy.
- How to utilize time as a weapon to get what you want from others.
- An efficient way of structuring your time that lets you accomplish important things without ever getting burned out.
- A trick I use that automatically boosts my productivity. It works because it’s based on a well-known scientific principle.
- How to live like a king by viewing everything from a higher value vantage point.
- Internalize the powerful law of abundance.
- Train your mind to demystify and de-idolize women.
- The one thing you must always do before showing interest in someone.
- How to “flip the script” and assume the upper hand in any social interaction.
- How to acquire information without begging for it.
- The difference between entitlement and confidence, and how one automatically leads to another.
- Obtain confidence by eliminating these 3 hurdles that stand your way.
- The “blind faith” method that makes you more confident over time.
- Identify and conquer your real fear (hint: it’s not rejection).
- How to cultivate the right mindset in order to embrace risk instead of fearing it, which has allowed me to travel to over 60 countries without being afraid of the unknown.
- The real reason why women love jerks (hint: it's not because they're jerks).
- The only limitations that should ever prevent you from taking an action.
- The two major factors that make or break your outward presence.
- How to act like an owner in any social setting.
- The difference between “smart” and “dumb” actions.
- Learn to utilize “strategic laziness” to your advantage.
- Why it's impossible to create interest out of nothing.
- A way to quickly see whether you should get involved in an endeavor with someone or something or pass on the opportunity.
- How to ask for things without ever coming off as needy and desperate.
- What every man absolutely must do if he wants true independence, sovereignty and control."

Asiasanat: self help, itseapu, mieheys, maskuliinisuus, henkinen kasvu, kehitys, manoshpere, manosfääri, mies, menestys, motivaatio, inspiraatio, tehokkuus, viettely, seurustelu, ihmissuhteet, ihmissuhde, seurustelu

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