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What Could Possibly Go Wrong...

No one writes about cars like Jeremy Clarkson. While most correspondents are too buys diving straight into BHP, MPG and MPH, Jeremy appreciates that there are more important things to life. Don't worry, we'll get to the cars. Eventually. But first we should consider: - The case for invading France - The overwhelming appeal of a nice sit-down - The inconvenience of gin and tonic - Why clothes are no better than ice cream - Spot-welding with the Duchess of Kent - And why Denmark is the best place in the world Armed only with conviction, curiosity, enthusiasm and a stout pair of trousers, Jeremy hurtles around the world - along motorway, autoroute, freeway and autobahn - in search of answers to life's puzzles and ponderings without forethought or fear for his own safety. What, you have to ask, could possibly go wrong...

Praise for Clarkson: 'Brilliant... laugh-out-loud' Daily Telegraph' Outrageously funny... will have you in stitches' Time Out' Very funny . . . I cracked up laughing on the tube' Evening Standard Jeremy Clarkson began his career on the Rotherham Advertiser. Since then he has written for the Sun, the Sunday Times, the Rochdale Observer, the Wolverhampton Express & Star, all of the Associated Kent Newspapers and Lincolnshire Life. Today he is the tallest person working in British television.

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