J. Jefferson Farjeon: The Z Murders

  • Poisoned Pen Press, paperback edition 2015, British Library Crime Classics series
  • pokkari, 272 sivua; koko n. 13,5 x 20,5 cm
  • hyväkuntoinen, lähes uuden näköinen
  • teksti englanniksi / book in English

Some people might think that the worst thing that could happen to them is sharing an overnight train with a man who snores. Not Richard Temperley, although that is his first thought. But after meeting up with the man again in a hotel near Euston station, he is shocked to realise the reason why he seems to be asleep in an armchair without snoring – the man has been shot. His only concern, however, is for the beautiful girl who he met briefly before the murder, but who fled the scene. The police seem more concerned with the crimson “Z”, made out of metal and left at the scene.

As Richard pursues the girl, convinced not of her guilt but that she is in danger, he finds himself crossing the country and back again with the police in pursuit. But with the mysterious “Z” striking apparently at random, is there any way of bringing him – or her – to justice?

hakusanat: jännitys dekkarit murha murhaajat murhat murhamysteerit sarjamurhaajat

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