MEGA   HEAVY  METAL  ..

           ...  With  Two  Guns & Roses  Musicians !!


1990  EPIC  466224 


It's nice to hear a band for a change that doesn't imitate Iron Maiden or Led Zeppelin.

Imitation isn't bad ... except when everyone chooses the same band.

Vicki James Wright sings like he's the son of Scott albeit with a few more Steven Tyler-esque screams.

The music is raw AC/DC but much more metal a la Los Angeles glam than bluesy.

Though, It's surprising how there really is a L.A. rock sound that comes through the music .

These guys are really great & have put together an incredibly solid album that rocks hard without going overboard or too much into glam.  "Hey Kid" was the MTV track chart-topper starts the album & let's it take off to higher places "No Bones About It", "Thrill Of The King" & "Axe To The Wax" are great songs. Some people remember Johnny Crash because following this album Dizzy Reed, on guitar instead of keyboards & drummer Matt Sorum joined the ranks before the band crashed & the two joined Guns N Roses.

Released   1 9 9 0


Track List:
01  ..  Hey Kid

02  ..  No Bones About It
03  ..  All The Way In Love
04  ..  Thrill Of The Kill
05  ..  Axe To The Wax
06  ..  Sink Or Swim
07  ..  Crack Of Dawn
08  ..  Freedom Road
09  ..  Halfway To Heaven
10  ..  Trigger Happy
11  ..  Baby's Like A Piano

Vicki James Wright - vocals
August Worchell - guitar and vocals
Christopher Stewart - guitar and vocals
Andy Rogers - bass
"Punkee" Stephen Adamo - drums

Additional Musicians:
Terry Nails - bass
Danny Stag - background vocals 
J.B. Frank - background vocals 

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