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Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees COME TOGETHER

Villard (US) 1999, 289 pages.

Kirja on kovakantinen ja kohtalaisen hyväkuntoinen (sidos on hieman löysä, siistit kansipaperit).

Ote kirja-arvostelusta:
"Amy, a worn-out twenty-something on a B-road to nowhere, sitting at a set of traffic lights at Sex Corner that have been stuck on red for six months, and merrily kidding herself that the slowest route with the greatest number of hurdles will eventually make her happy, meets Jack.
Also single, Jack lives his life as if on the outside lane of a motorway driving a Porsche, living fast and playing hard, occasionally taking a slip road to Shag Town where he can be guaranteed a different woman at every exit, zooming off into the sunset as soon as he has finished and neatly avoiding commitment as he puts his foot to the floor and accelerates to the next junction.

A witty, shrewd and ultimately highly entertaining novel, Come Together takes a new route over traditional terrain, seeping into the psyche of one man and one woman as they take their first tentative steps towards coupledom. As Lloyd and Rees deftly switch from his point of view to hers, the reader eavesdrops on two different takes of the same situation, highlighting those all important differences between the complicated mating rituals of the male and female of the species.

Guaranteed to cause arguments over a pint, this light, enjoyable novel adds a new twist to the Bridget Jones phenomena, taking the "woman in search of a meaningful relationship" one step further, in a refreshingly different take on a familiar theme."

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