The Strip is more sizzling than ever as Season Four of TV?s sexiest show, Las Vegas, comes to DVD in a five-disc set! Return to the tables of the Montecito Resort & Casino with Ed (James Caan), Danny (Josh Duhamel), Mary (Nikki Cox), Delinda (Molly Sims), Mike (James Lesure) and Sam (Vanessa Marcil) as they deal with the Mob, start passionate new love affairs, and take on the sharpest cheats ever to hit the casino floor. Plus, the action just gets hotter as Jill Hennessy and Jerry O?Connell of Crossing Jordan join the team in a thrilling cross-over episode! Featuring TV?s most sensational guest stars ? including Cheryl Ladd, Jewel, and Wayne Newton ? everyone can be a winner with this ?ace? in your DVD collection!

1. Father of the Bride Redux
2. Died in Plain Sight
3. The Story of Owe
4. History of Violins
5. Delinda's Box (1)
6. Delinda's Box (2)
7. Meatball Montecito
8. White Christmas
9. Wines and Misdemeanors
9. Fleeting Cheating Meeting
10. Wagers of Sin
11. The Chicken is Making My Back Hurt
12. Pharaoh 'Nuff
13. The Burning Bedouin
14. Bare Chested in the Park
15. Junk in the Trunk
16. Heroes

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