Biff, Chip & Kipper Collection: Levels 1-3 – 33 kirjaa, 3 + years

Featuring 33 books covering reading levels 1-3, this collection of Oxford Reading Tree books is perfect for building a foundation in reading for young readers aged 3 and up. Specially designed by the reading experts at Oxford University Press, each book has a carefully levelled and beautifully illustrated story that parent and child will have lots of fun with as they read together, practising and perfecting essential skills that they'll be learning at school - from phonics and first stories to common words and everyday language.
This Biff, Chip and Kipper collection features 32 storybooks and a parents' handbook full of ideas to make reading fun. Format: paperback


Rhyme Bag, 3 + years

Rhyme Bag could be used with in large group of children or just with one child. Rhyme Bag includes 24 rhyme cards. One side of the card there is a rhyme and on the other side there is a colourful picture matching the rhyme.

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