Basic statistics for business and economics is a condensed version of Lind/Marchal/Mason's Statistical techniques in business and economics, a book that over the course of 11 editions has become a proven perennial market leader. The hallmark of the LInd/Marchal/Wathan approach has been the clear student-oriented style, step by step examples, well-tested realistic exercises, and up to date integration of technology.

You will find numerous additional resourses to help you in this course , including

- The built in free Student CD-rom, a simple menu driven interface that offers: self grded chapter quizzes, PowePoint lecture notes, All text data files both Excel and Minitab formats etc.

4th ed. 2002, MCGraw-Hill, 552 s. Kovakantinen kirja kansineen on mielestäni todella hyväkuntoinen.

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