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The Adventures of LOMAX in Lemmingland
PC CDROM -peli

Lemmings-sarjan maisemiin sijoittuva harvinaisempi tasoloikka.

Lomax is tough. Lomax is cool. He rescues damsels in distress and leaps yawning chasms in a single bound. He gets up at dawn and parties hard, then he breakfasts on raw steak and parties some more. By the time he gets to bed he's saved empires from collapse, gone over water falls in a barrel, drunk whole rivers dry, fought with monsters and dragons and tigers and still remembered to brush his teeth. Lomax could fight you any day. With one arm tied behind his back. And a bag on his head.
Lomax is the Business!
Yeah, in his dreams.
He's not actually that hard. And he's a bit scared of heights. And as for monsters and dragons and tigers... just the thought of them turns his stomach.
But now LemmingLand has fallen under the evil spell of Evil Ed and there's only one Lemming left to break his evil grip. And that's Lomax.
Does LemmingLand really stand a chance?

Leap into action with Lomax as he battles Ed's evildoers and travels through bizarre lands in this fast and frantic thriller!

  • Over 40 levels of zoomin' action
  • 4 Exotic landscapes with fantastic animated effects
  • Dash in and out of platforms up to 10 layers deep
  • Conquer tons of enemies, bats, zombies, blowfish & more!


Hieman naarmuinen, toimiva CD koteloineen (ohjeet levyllä).

Windows 95/98 (Testattu toimivan myös 7:lla, toiminee XP:llä ja Vistallakin)







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