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Six Reasons to Stay Virgin by Louise Harwood

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  • Saving yourself for Mr Right is all well and good, but sometimes it's hard to stick to your principles and say no to Mr Wrong...Emily believes that Mr Right is out there somewhere. And she doesn't see the point in sleeping with Mr Wrong while she's looking for him, which means that, at 24, she still hasn't slept with anybody. Her friends think it's all gone on too long and it's time to help her out - not least because they think they've found the perfect man, her Mr Right. They just need the ideal situation in which to get them together. But is he Emily's Mr Right, or someone else's? And what if they've got him wrong? Should Emily's virginity be lost, or should it be protected in a world obsessed with greedy gratification?
  • Englannin kielinen Pokkari Sivuja 309
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