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Simon Mason: Death of a Fantasist


London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1994, 204 s., 23 cm, sid. + kansipaperi.

First published in Great Britain 1994.


Geoffrey Dudley, publisher's editor, amateur dramatist and connoisseur of medieval quest literature, would like a number of things changed: his life is one of them. His friend Martin Prout, on the other hand, seems to have no life to change: he can scarcely bring himself to keep body and soul together.

When Dudley leaves his job, his wife and his home to make a new start in America, he discovers that fantasy has an unexpected momentum of its own. If all quests end in the miraculous - as he asserts - not all miracles are welcome. With Martin and other players on the gameboard of New York, differences blur, realities dissolve and even a leap of imagination can be fatal.


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