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Michael Franti & Spreadhead EVERYONE DESERVES MUSIC

"Since the beginning of his career, Franti has grown from an angry, young political rapper to an artist who has fused his social unease and desire for change with his love for old-school R&B, soul and hip hop.

In a rap world set predominately on a limited range of topics to cover, politically and socially charged hip-hop is a breath of pure, fresh air. For the past decade, Spearhead and Michael Franti have been the antiseptic to a plaque-filled gold-toothed hip-hop mouth, expelling righteous truths and music with extremely thoughtful, meticulous details. Everyone Deserves Music continues with the tradition, but takes the sound of Spearhead into more of a disco-funk territory at times. This doesn't displace Franti's lyrics by any means, but gives him an extremely fresh perspective to stretch out and experiment with his delivery. Not so much a punch to the stomach like their previous releases, Franti and Spearhead almost made a deliberate attempt to stray from the typical hip-hop beats and go for something a bit more organic and acoustic than their previous efforts -- and the experiments more than pay off. It's honest, compelling, emotional, and soulful, and it's unfortunate that these values don't equate with much in the commercial hip-hop market anymore. In a perfect world, this would be a future classic played out of every car stereo, boombox, and apartment for generations to come. "

"Everyone Deserves Music is the fourth studio release by Michael Franti & Spearhead. The album is possibly most famous for Franti's protest song "Bomb the World"."

Track listing

"What I Be" (4:45)

"We Don't Stop" (4:36)

"Everyone Deserves Music" (4:36)

"Never Too Late" (4:50)

"Bomb The World" (4:28)

"Pray for Grace" (4:52)

"Love, Why Did You Go Away" (4:29)

"Yes I Will" (4:01)

"Feelin' Free" (3:54)

"Love Invincible" (3:50)

"Bomb The World (Armageddon Version)" (4:44)

"Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" (3:30)

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