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1. Monica Dickens: ONE PAIR OF FEET. 1976 Penguin Books, Great Britain. 224-sivuinen nidottu kirja, jotain kannen nurkan taittumaa (ks. kuva) lukuun ottamatta ehjä ja siisti, kannen sisäpuolelle kirjoitettu ’joulu -78’, ei muita merkintöjä. Teos ei ole ilmestynyt suomeksi.

One Pair of Feet (1942) is an account of Monica Dickens’ learning to be a hospital nurse during the war. This podcast takes us into the wards in wartime, stomping about with a bucket for hours and hours, barely conscious that the bombs are falling because it's another night shift in the maternity ward.  Monica Dickens worked as a nurse during the Second World War. One Pair of Feet is about her year on duty encased in starched uniforms.  She is also one of English literature's funniest memoirists: do listen to this if you want to hear about wet bicycles, lost lemon tarts, ripped stockings and making endless little meals for horrible patients.

“A brilliant funny account of the first and only year of her training to be a nurse.” – Elizabeth Bowen in the Tatler
“Is this as good book as One Pair of Hands? The Answer is that it is much better. The cheerful impudence is still there. The power of observation and the family eye for a comic character are in better form than in her early work. And there are occasional touches of genuine pathos.” – J. B. Priestley

Monica Dickens (1915 – 1992) was an English writer, the great-granddaughter of  Charles Dickens. She was born into an upper middle class London family. Disillusioned with the world she was brought up in – she was expelled from St Paul’s Girls’ School in London before she was presented at court as a debutante – she decided to go into service despite coming from the privileged class; her experiences as a cook and general servant would form the nucleus of her first book, One Pair Of Hands in 1939. One Pair Of Feet (1942) recounted her work as a nurse, and subsequently she worked in an aircraft factory and on a local newspaper in Hitchin – her experiences in the latter field of work inspired her 1951 book My Turn To Make The Tea. Soon after this, she moved from her home in Hinxworth in Hertfordshire to the United States after marrying a United States Navy officer, Roy O. Stratton. The family lived in Washington, D.C. and Falmouth, Massachusetts, and she continued to write, most of her books being set in Britain. From 1970 onwards she wrote a number of children's books; the Follyfoot series of books followed on from her earlier adult novel Cobbler's Dream, and were the basis of a children's TV series, also called Follyfoot (1971–73). In 1978, Monica Dickens published her autobiography, An Open Book. In 1985 she returned to the UK after the death of her husband, and continued to write until her death on Christmas Day 1992.

Monica Dickens (1915 Lontoo – 1992 Berkshire) oli englantilainen kirjailija, Hän oli kirjailija Charles Dickensin (1812–1870) lapsenlapsenlapsi. Monica Dickens, joka julkaisi sekä aikuisten että nuorten romaaneja, oli aikansa myydyimpiä naiskirjailijoita. Hänen teoksistaan ovat suomeksi ilmestyneet romaanit Virginia (1958; The Angel in the Corner 1956), Onnellinen vanki (1959; The Happy Prisoner 1946), Lontoon sydän (1962; The Heart of London 1961), Yläkerran huone (1967; The Room Upstairs 1964) ja Kuuntelijat (1971; The Listeners 1970) sekä nuortenkirjoista Meidän joukko (World’s End) -sarjan Meidän joukon majatalo (1972; The House at World’s End 1970), Meidän joukon kesä (1973; Summer at World’s End 1971), Meidän joukon talvi (1975; World’s End in Winter 1972) ja Meidän joukon kevät (1975; Spring Comes to World’s End 1973) sekä Ratsutilan nuoret (Follyfoot) -sarjan Hevoshoitola Varsanjalka (1972; Follyfoot 1971), Varsanjalan Dora (1973; Dora at Follyfoot 1972), Varsanjalan hevoset (1976; The Horses of Follyfoot 1975) ja Varsanjalka vaarassa (1978; Stranger at Follyfoot 1976).



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