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712 Old Recordings Never Die 2CD huippukunto

Shout Factory 2008

Old Records Never Die: The Mott The Hoople/Ian Hunter Anthology is the first 2-CD set to cover the entire career of glam-rock, proto-punk, and hard-rock pioneer Ian Hunter, from his earliest days with Mott the Hoople to his 2007 album Shrunken Heads, touching on many highlights in between.

Disc 1: Heralded by Rolling Stone as "the best band of the early '70s," Mott The Hoople were critic's darlings until David Bowie stepped in and gave them their biggest hit, the all-time classic "All the Young Dudes," turning them into glam superstars in the U.K. and an underground sensation on the U.S. This package contains their best Atlantic and Columbia recordings.

Disc 2: Singer Ian Hunter went solo in 1975, starting a long career featuring contributions from punk rockers and classic rockers alike. Producer Mick Ronson and members of Foreigner, Frank Zappa's band, Queen, Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols all appear on this collection of his best solo material from his Columbia, Chrysalis, Mercury, Citadel and Yep Roc releases.

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