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Donna & Ginny Geer

From tough leather-and-spike looks to sweet and simple polka dots, from hilarious comic-book nails to far-out galaxy ’dos, this book will teach anyone how to give themselves truly creative manicures—without a trip to the salon.

Nail Candy is a breath of fresh air for nail-art enthusiasts—it’s sassy, fun, and full of DIY nail art tutorials that anyone can do. It contains more than 50 ideas presented in full-color photographs and cute line-art illustrations that show readers exactly how to achieve a certain style, ranging from arty to girlish to hardcore and more. Readers will learn how to mask their nails off to create simple patterns, use simple tools like striping brushes and dotting tools, add studs and decals for edgy flare, and create more ambitious paintings that rival works of art.

Selected ideas include:

• Sunset Silhouettes
• Stained Glass
• Sailor Knots
• Tiny Tuxes
• Geeky Video-Game Mani
• MIrrorball Nails
• Dia de los Muertos Mani
• Laser Nails
• Harajuku Style
• Splatter Paint
• Ikat Style
• Wingtip Mani
• Feathery Fingertips

... and more!

Hakusanoja: Kynnet lakkaus manikyyri meikki meikkaus kynsistudio

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