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A weird, surreal plot inspired by the life and writings of William S. Burroughs. 'Naked Lunch' begins with Burroughs' alter-ego Bill Lee working as an exterminator and running out of bug killer. He finds his wife has been injecting it as a drug, decides to try it for himself and spends the rest of the film taking orders from giant bugs and a talking typewriter. Directed by controversial horror-meister David Cronenberg (The Brood, Crash).

You are now entering Interzone, William S Burroughs' phantasmagorical land of junk, paranoia and crawly things. Best travel advice: "Exterminate all rational thought". In David Cronenberg's superbly shot, unnerving warp on the Burroughs novel, Naked Lunch, the novelist himself becomes a main character (played in an implacable monotone by Peter Weller), with elements from Burroughs' life--including the shooting of his wife during a "William Tell" game, and bohemian friends Kerouac and Ginsberg--added to frame the book's wild visions. This is, ironically, a somewhat rational approach to an unfilmable book (and it makes a hair-curling double bill with Barton Fink, another look at writerly madness, with both films sharing Judy Davis). Cronenberg is a natural for oozing mugwumps and typewriters that turn into giant bugs, of course. But in the end, this is really his own vision of the artistic process, rather than Burroughs' hallucinatory descent into hell.

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