1."Right Where We Left Off"  3:05

2."Don't Let Her Pull You Down"  3:28

3."Listen to Your Friends"  3:20

4."47"  2:52

5."Truck Stop Blues"  2:15

6."Tangled Up" (featuring Hayley Williams)3:13

7."I'll Never Love Again"  2:38

8."Reasons"  2:59

9."Such a Mess"  2:42

10."Heartless at Best"  3:44

11."This Isn't You"  2:49

12."Don't Let This Be the End"  3:02


Not Without a Fight is the sixth studio album by American rock band New Found Glory. It was released on March 10, 2009 through independent label Epitaph Records. Produced by Blink-182 singer-bassist Mark Hoppus and recorded at his home based-OPRA Studios, the album was seen as a return to the band's energetic roots in comparison to its predecessor; the mellow Coming Home (2006). The gap between releases marked the longest period between studio albums in the band's career thus far, while the title is taken from the lyrics in opening track, "Right Where We Left Off".

In the United States, opening week sales reached 26,900 units allowing it to debut at number one on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart and number twelve on the Billboard 200. This marked their fourth consecutive album to debut in the top twenty on the Billboard chart, despite leaking six weeks prior to its official release. The album was released early in Australia to coincide with the band's appearance at the Soundwave Festival and it debuted at number thirty six on the ARIA Charts.

New Found Glory

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