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Due to an upgrade my Nokia 8 is available! The phone is almost 2 years old, but still has a couple of months of warranty with Elisa. It still functions 100%, although costemtically there are a couple of scratches and a tiny crack in the screen (barely visible and does not affect use!). The battery easily lasts a full day still. Comes with original charger and cable. I'm not sure whether I have the box still, but you don't need that anyway.

Specifications: Google "Nokia 8 specifications". This is the 64GB Dual-SIM version. It is fully upgraded to Android 9 including patches as of a week ago, and it will receive monthly updates for at least one more year.

Let me know if you have any question! You can try out the phone in person if you want, or I can send it to you. I can probably deliver it around Helsinki Center / Otaniemi.

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100 €
Ilmoitus on sulkeutunut 7.12.2019 15:14
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