A fearsome rumor reaches Britains World War II command. The Nazis are developing rocket technology that could rain death on London and then New York. Quickly, England develops a plan to send saboteurs into the sites manufacturing the rockets. Just moments after the carefully chosen commandos parachute into the drop zone, their pilot receives an urgent message: The mission may be compromised. Abort. Operation Crossbow is the partly fact-based tale of how that team succeeded against daunting odds. Michael Anderson (The Dam Busters, Logans Run) directs, guiding a huge cast in a film that builds to a spectacular finale, yet never neglects wars unsparing personal costs. As a record of a wartime espionage incursion and as an intrigue-filled thriller, Operation Crossbow is on both counts Operation Accomplished.

Valmistumisvuosi: 1965

Rooleissa mm. George Peppard, Sophia Loren, Trevor Howard

Aluevapaa jenkkijulkaisu (toimii Suomesta ostetuilla BD-soittimilla)

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