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Tästä OPERATION IVY / RANCID / TIM ARMSTRONG diggareille, harvinainen HYVÃ?SSÃ? iskussa oleva äänite.


1 Yellin' In My Ear 2:14 
2 I Got No 1:38 
3 Sound System 2:41 
4 Jaded 2:07 
5 Here We Go Again 2:29 
6 The Crowd 3:24 
7 Knowledge 2:02 
8 Healthy Body 1:49 
9 Gonna Find You 2:07 
10 Take Warning 2:56 
11 Vulnerability 2:07 
12 Room W/Out A Window 2:37 
13 Bombshell 1:31 
14 Officer 1:55 
15 Freeze Up 3:08 
16 Sleep Long 2:49 
17 Trouble Bound 2:12 
18 Hoboken 1:34 
19 Hedgecore 2:27 
20 Unity 4:01

Operation Ivy 5/28/89 Last Show, Gilman St., Berkeley, California

Recorded on Panasonic SV-250 DAT Recorder with two Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphones

(c) Slashout Records


PK.  on viitteellinen ja se veloitetaan ostohetkellä POSTI:N hinnaston mukaan. POSTI vain tuntuu nostavan hintoja niin tiheään, että kohteessa saattaa olla jo huudon päättyessä "vanha Postitus hinta" :-) Edelliset korotukset olivat 02/15, 01/14, 06/13 ja 10/12

PS. En ole ennustaja, enkä ole Postissa töissä,  joten en voi tietää noista korotuksista ennakkoon, mutta  pyrin silti  aina pitämään tiedot ajan tasalla, mutta minulla on vaan niin paljon kohteita myynnissä, että ei toivoakaan aina korotusten tullen päivittää tietoja ajan tasalle, siinä menisi nääs päiviä / viikkoja.

Rancid perustettiin vuonna 1991, Tim Armstrongin ja Matt Freemanin entisen yhtyeen Operation Ivyn (1987–1989) hajottua.

Operation Ivy was an American ska punk band that formed in Berkeley, California, and was often credited with spurring the 1990s punk revival in California. It is well-known as one of the first bands to "mix" hardcore punk with elements of ska, known as ska-core. The band consisted of Jesse Michaels (lead vocals), Tim Armstrong (credited as "Lint") (guitar, vocals), Matt Freeman (credited as "Matt McCall") (bass, vocals), and Dave Mello (drums). Although Operation Ivy had little mainstream success during its career, the band had a large underground following and influenced bands such as Sublime and Green Day. Its only studio album, Energy, has been cited as one of the greatest punk rock albums of all time. The bands name, previously used by the punk band, Isocracy, was derived from the Operation Ivy series of nuclear tests.


The band existed between May 1987 and May 1989, as was chronicled in the lyrics of the Rancid song "Journey to the End of the East Bay", which was featured on ...And Out Come the Wolves (1995):

Started in 87, Ended in 89, Got a garage or an amp, well play anytime. It was just the four of us, Yeah man the core of us, Too much attention unavoidably destroyed us. Four kids on tour, 3,000 miles, in a four door car, not knowing what was going on. We got a million years, of tourin out like this, Hell no, no premonition could have seen this![1]

The name "Operation Ivy" was the original name of the punk band Isocracy. Prior to the formation of Operation Ivy, Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman had been playing in the Berkeley ska punk band Basic Radio with Michael Valladares and Jeff Kamalian who would later go on to form the ska band Critical Mass. Its first live performance was on May 27, 1987 in Dave Mellos garage. The next day began a tradition of performances at the Berkeley punk collective center 924 Gilman Street. Operation Ivy began playing a number of performances which led to its almost immediate cult-following. Later in 1987, the band made its debut on the Maximumrocknroll compilation album Turn It Around!. In January 1988, the band signed to Lookout! Records and released its debut extended play Hectic, which became one of Lookout!s best-selling records. By this time, Operation Ivy, along with Crimpshrine and The Mr. T Experience, was one of the most successful punk bands from punk scene at 924 Gilman Street. The band began playing a number of performances and embarked on a tour across the United States. By mid-1988, it began selling out larger venues and the pressure to sign to major labels began to rise.

The band released its only studio album Energy through Lookout! in May 1989. It broke-up the same month, and its last official live performance was on May 28, 1989. It was also Green Days first performance with the name Green Day at 924 Gilman Street, at what was supposed to have been its release party. Operation Ivy played one more performance the following day, mostly for friends and family, in Robert Eggplants backyard in Pinole, California. In two years, the band had performed 185 shows and recorded a total of 32 songs (28 released officially, 4 on the bootlegged EP Plea for Peace), as well as songs which were recorded only as demos, such as "Hedgecore" (about a favorite pastime of the band which involved artfully jumping into manicured bushes), "Hangin Out", "Sarcastic" and "Left Behind". Recordings from its aborted attempt to record Energy at 924 Gilman Street also exist, and include early versions of songs which appeared later on the final studio version of Energy, such as "6 to 10" which evolved into "Vulnerability", and an early version of "Unity" with horn accompaniment and a different chorus. All of its known demos and unreleased recordings are available on bootlegs.

The lyrics and tone of Operation Ivys music portray a vociferous desire for social justice and a strong distrust of mainstream conformist culture. Hollywood Undead released a cover of the song "Bad Town" in 2010, Green Day recorded a cover of the Operation Ivy song "Knowledge" for its extended play Slappy and was later released on the compilation album 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. Green Day have continued to play the song live (where the band picks members out of the audience to play its instruments). A number of other artists have covered Operation Ivy songs, most of which are featured on Glue Factory Records Operation Ivy tribute album, Take Warning: The Songs of Operation Ivy (1997). The most notable bands on the tribute are: Long Beach Dub All Stars covering "Take Warning", Reel Big Fish covering "Unity", Blue Meanies covering "Yellin in My Ear", Cherry Poppin Daddies covering "Sound System", The Hippos covering "Freeze Up" and The Aquabats with a "campfire-style" cover of "Knowledge". Other bands to cover Operation Ivy songs include a rendition of "Healthy Body" by Area-7, "Sound System" by Buck O Nine, "Caution" by No Trigger and more covers of "Knowledge" by both Millencolin and Evergreen Terrace. A number of local bands from around the U.S. have covered Operation Ivy songs. Additionally, Rancid have played Operation Ivy songs at its live performances.

In 1991, two years after its break-up, Lookout! released a compilation album consisting of Energy, Hectic, and the songs "Officer" and "I Got No" from Turn It Around!. It was released as a complete discography (sometimes referred to as a re-release of Energy). It contains 27 songs, following the bands recorded history.

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