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The year is 2010, and Russia is crumbling under the strain of renewed nationalism.

The country is on the verge of economic crisis and a new European War looms on the horizon. In an effort to ease the pending crisis, and quell the ever-growing nationalism, an American expedition is despatched to Central Siberia to assess the oil deposits there... but instead of oil, they discover an enormous deposit of an unknown mineral. Unknown, that is, to everyone but the American Government, who have a sample of a similar mineral taken from an extraterrestrial object they found. They also happen to know that this mineral is a practically inexhaustible source of energy. The Americans decide to act quickly before the Russians also become aware of the mineral and its worth... and so they send special units into the past to mine the mineral and transport it to Alaska.

However, the Arabian government learn of this and fearing a crash in oil prices, they hijack the scheme, steal the Extraterrestrial Object Nexus (EON), and send their own team back to the past to destroy the mineral. Cut to an alternate future where the Americans were successful. The Russians find the remnants of the American and Arabian expeditions along with the lost EON. They surmise what has happened and set out to undo the past by transporting their men back to a period shortly before the arrival of the first Americans so that they can protect the mineral deposit. Unfortunately, the EON is accidentally destroyed in the process...

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