Naveen Patnaik

Garden of Life: An Introduction to the Healing Plants of India 

Hyväkuntoinen kirja,  pehmeäkantinen. 

Hieman pinttymää vaaleissa kansissa.

Upea kuvitus.

Huutajalle postikulut.

In this engaging book, with 70 lavish paintings by eight Indian artists, Patnaik introduces the reader not only to the healing plants of India, but also to Ayurveda, a philosophy founded thousands of years ago in the Himalayas.

The fundamental philosophy of Ayurveda (which means knowledge of life) is that suffering is disease and contentment is good health. No person is truly healthy who does not possess a sound body, a sound mind, and a sound soul. The book describes the properties and uses--sacred, medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, and aromatic--of 70 plants.

A sacred plant is lotus, a symbol of enlightenment; swallowwort is one of the medicinal plants, used for the treatment of asthma and bronchitis; and in the culinary section one will find the mango, perhaps Indias best-known fruit. This is no substitute for our health system, but theres much here that makes a lot of sense.

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