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Pariah (CD-ROM) (3CD)

Jack Mason is a burned-out doctor with no will to live, that is, until he nearly dies in a transport crash. Now he and his infected patient are stranded deep within the most vicious prison sectors of a wasteland called Earth. Pariah utilizes the power of a heavily modified Unreal engine with state-of-the-art Havok physics technology that produces stunning settings, lifelike characters and tremendously satisfying in-your-face first-person action. An intense storyline driven single-player campaign compliments a fully loaded multi-player extravaganza including online play through Xbox Live. Plus the Make-And-Play (MAP) Editor allows gamers to create their own environments in the game and play them with their friends in split-screen mode or online.


Intel Pentium IV 1.4ghz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalent); Windows 98SE/2000/XP (95/NT not supported); 256 MB System RAM; 32 MB GeForce 3 100% DirectX 8.x compatible 3D graphics cards; 100% DirectX 8.x compatible (GeForce MX video cards not supported) -Compatible Sound Card Quad Speed (4X) CD-ROM drive; 2GB free disk space; 100% Windows 98SE/2000/XP compatible mouse and keyboard.

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