Murdoch 2010 Kovakansi - Wiresidos - Uusi

Tapping into the handmade revival, and a renewed appreciation of lost home-making skills, this is a book of simple, contemporary and very covetable sewing projects that require little skill, ranging from children's toys to napery, cushions, decorations, bedlinen, bags and simple items of clothing such as shorts and aprons.

Projects will be presented in room-by-room themes and beautifully photographed on location in a contemporary home and in the author's warehouse-style studio. Each project will be accompanied by photos and are suitable for beginners sewing for the first time through to more experienced craftspeople wanting fresh inspiration. This title offers sewing projects that are perfect for beginners. There is screen printing option for the more experienced crafter. It also offers easy-to-follow instructions. It features a fresh, contemporary design. All projects in this title make wonderful gifts.

Hakusanoja: Ompelukirja - Ommella - neuloa - Liinat - tyynyt - tyynynpäälliset - lelut - koristeet - laukut - esiliina

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