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Urheilusimulaatiota ja johtamista yhdistelevä Cycling Manager sarja esittelee sarjan huippuluokan urheiluvideopelien versioita.



  • Season Planner: Tool to give manager an overview of race registrations for his riders so that he can plan better.
  • 50 races, solely for Continental Pro and Continental teams, have been added to the race calendar.
  • More depth to race calendar with 3 divisions and participation rules which are based on reality.
  • 80 teams in game database (including 6 Scandinavian teams).
  • Training camps: reconnoitring of major stages on grand tours; team time-trial; possibility to add staff (doctor, physio, trainer) for greater effectiveness.
  • Young riders: are generated in a more realistic manner. It is now possible to find riders aged between 18 - 21 with attributes which will allow them to achieve significant results during their first year as a pro.


  • 3D race interface fully reworked.
  • Addition of rider stats and information during a race.
  • Improvements to race AI. More attacks by race favourites from far out. Better energy management of AI teams. Improved positioning of team leaders within the peloton. Fewer riders in morning breakaways in the early stages of a tour. All AI riders have a reason to cooperate/not cooperate regarding breakaways. Puts greater pressure on team leaders.
  • National championships (played outside Career mode).


  • New objects: manor houses, houses, farm machinery, castles.
  • Variety of different enclosures: fences, hedges, ramparts.
  • New equipment MULTIPLAYER
  • New multiplayer game mode (in parallel to existing "team" multiplayer mode).

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