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Kuvien elokuva. EI SUOMITEKSTEJÄ! Tekstit englanniksi. Tätä elokuvaa ei ole edes julkaistu Blu-ray:na suomitekstein. Aluekoodi 2 B, eli toimii suomalaisissa Blu-ray soittimissa. 

Puzzle - L'uomo Senza Memoria   (Blu-ray)   uusi ja muoveissa.   VCI

4K masteroitu!

Kauhu vuodelta 1974 ohjaus Duccio Tessari pääosissa Senta Berger ja Luc Merenda.

Stranded in London with no memory and no identity that he can recall, a man who believes his name is Peter (Luc Merenda) struggles with amnesia after a car accident. With little information to help him solve the puzzle of who he is, an attempted murder and a strange series of events lead him to the discovery that his name is in fact Ted and that he has a beautiful wife, Sara (Senta Berger), waiting for him in the world-famous Italian resort town of Portofino. Traveling to Italy in the hope of unravelling the mystery of his identity, he finds that the hurt, lonely Sara - believing that she had been abandoned by her husband knowingly - has made tentative steps to rebuild her life with the help of her best friends Whiskey the dog and Luca (Duilio Cruciani), the straight-talking and slightly infatuated young child to whom she lives next door to. With the Hitchcockian flair of the absolute best gialli from the 1970s, Sara and Ted together try to unravel the mystery of his missing months - and they have their hands full. Not only are there murders, international criminal plots, betrayals, but they are tormented by a mysterious woman with a hidden agenda (Anita Strinberg) and a mystery man with chronic allergies (Bruno Corazzari). Things only continue to get even more increasingly peculiar, more complicated, and more dangerous for the newly reunited couple.

Valmistusvuosi: 1974

Kesto: 1 h 32 min  

Kuva: Widescreen 2.00:1 HD 1080p

Ääni: Englanti - DD 2.0 Mono

Tekstitys: Englanti 

Kotelon kansien kieli: Englanti

Alue: 2 (eurooppa)


Bonus features include: Commentary Track by Kat Ellinger, Editor-in-Chief of and DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS Podcast Host, Italian and English Theatrical Trailers of Blood and Black Lace and The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Liner Notes by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, author of The Giallo Canvas: Art, Excess and Horror Cinema, Giallo Poster Gallery


Duccio Tessari

Ernesto Gastaldi

Senta Berger
Luc Merenda
Umberto Orsini
Anita Strindberg
Bruno Corazzari
Rosario Borelli
Manfred Freyberger
Tom Felleghy
Carla Mancini

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