September 1966

64 s  (21,5 x 27,5 cm)



Ikäisekseen erinomaisessa kunnossa, lievää hyllykulumista, pientä rpyppyä. Sivut hyvässä kuosissa ja ehjiä.

Kannessa Paul Jones, sisällä mm. Lovin Spoonful, Troggs, Walker Brothers (myös keskiaukeaman juliste), Dave Berry, Cliff Richard, filmitähtiä, juoruja, muotia, paljon hienoja kuvia.

Erittäin harvinainen. Googlaa vaikka.


Rave was an English pop magazine started in 1964. As Jon Savage describes in a recent Observer article on '60s pop zines, Rave 'was five times as expensive as the weekly music papers, but in return you got an 80-page or so A4-size monthly, with excellent quality paper, meaty content and great photographs - by Jean Marie Perier, Terry O'Neill, Marc Sharratt and others... Rave went further and deeper with articles about Stuart Sutcliffe, the lost Beatle, a fashion round table with John Stephen and the Pretty Things, and notices about up-and-coming groups such as the Yardbirds. Photo shoots were set in (for then) unusual locations, like Portobello Road or Covent Garden, and stars including Jeff Beck were used to model gear such as PVC overcoats. Like Fabulous, Rave prominently featured young women writers. Cathy McGowan was a regular, along with Maureen O'Grady and Dawn James. However, if the ads for guitars were anything to go by, Rave also appealed to young men. Balancing teen pop with groups like the Yardbirds, the Byrds and the Who, it acquired a circulation of 125,000 by 1966'.

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