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Jasmine, Jennifer, Jasmine

Michael Masterson

"After inheriting millions of dollars, Jacqueline and Michael decide to hire a maid staff to care for their estate. Instead of ordinary house-keepers, they choose to offer $100,000 for young ladies who will submit to Jacquelines sadistic desires. Jessica and Jennifer accept the offer because they need the money, Jasmine accepts the job in order to fulfill her lifelong desire to be a pleasure slave. This movie chronicles the first four months at the Estate in which you will witness all three young ladies punished far beyond their limits. Spankings that lead to tears and a bruised bottom are a daily occurance. You will even get a peak behind closed doors, where Jacqueline explores the more sexual side of domination. 16 Separate Spankings - Handspanking - Cane - Wooden Paddles - Straps - Belt - Whip - Crop - Bondage - Flogging - Real Punishments - Marks & Tears"

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10,95 €
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