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Quirky teen comedy drama starring Reece Thompson as Hal Hefner, an average sophomore at Plainsboro High School in New Jersey. As well as suffering the daily indignities of a typical teenager, Hal is further socially debilitated by his terrible stutter. However, when he falls in love with the star of the debating society, Ginny Ryerson (Anna Kendrick), he soon finds himself immersed in her ultra-competitive world of high school debating, with its players, its politics and its own set of rules.

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'Rocket Science' is a sweet take on love, vengance, competition & triumph. Hal (played superbly by Reece Thompson) is the anti-hero of the film, he has a stutter but when given the opportunity to be on the debate team he joins with little hesitation. Then he falls for Jenny (Anna Kendrick) the beautiful girl that gets him on the team in the first place.
Now onto critique. There isn't really anything bad I could say about the film its all very well done, it manages to be funny & touching without being soppy.
Hal's love for Jenny is refrshingly innocent & genuine, its hard not to care about what happens to him.
One of the funniest characters in the film has to be Hal's much younger pervy little friend Lewis, who in one particular scene puts on a bra.

What's really nice about the film is the way Hal is portrayed, he feels isolated & misundertood & undervalued & the whole time watching the film I really wanted everything to turn out well for him.
From the director of Spellbound comes this poignant indie, that I would recommend to anyone who liked Thumbsucker & has a passion for odd ball comedies.

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