Rohmer, Sax Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward (UK, (15.1.1883 – 1.5.1959)

Tohtori Fu-Manchu, kauhujen mies. 2nd printing / 2. painos. (The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu. London: Methuen, June 26, 1913). Translated by A. S. Porvoo; Helsinki: Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö, 1941 (Porvoo). 156[+14] p. (sc) 10 mk. Cover Art by Eeli Jaatinen?. (WSOY:n 10 mk:n romaanaja n:o 215).


The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (1913) is the first novel in the Dr. Fu Manchu (sometimes “Fu-Manchu”) series by Sax Rohmer. It collates various short stories published in The Story-Telle -magazine the preceding year. The novel was also published in US under the title The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu.

We meet first Dr Petrie who is immediately surprised by a late night visitor, “a tall, lean ... square cut ... sun baked” man who turns out to be his good friend (Commissioner Sir Denis) Nayland Smith of Burma, formerly of Scotland Yard, who has come directly from Burma. We then learn that various men associated with India are the target of assassination by the Chinese Dr Fu Manchu, who seems to have been active in Burma (as distinct from India), in places such as Rangoon, Prome, Moulmein and the “Upper Irrawaddy”, and who comes to England with dacoits and thuggees.

Fu Manchu is pursued from the opium dens of Limehouse in the East End of London to various country estates. We learn that Dr Fu Manchu is a leading member not of “old China”, the Mandarin class of the Manchu dynasty, or “young China”, a new generation of “youthful and unbalanced reformers” with “western polish” - but a “Third Party”. Nayland Smith is outwitted several times by Fu Manchu, and thus he reflects more the narrow escapes of the later Bulldog Drummond rather than the “logical” superior approach of the earlier Sherlock Holmes.


Contains stories:

* The Zayat Kiss. - The Story-Teller Oct 1912 (n° 67).
* The Clue of the Pigtail. - The Story-Teller Nov 1912 (n° 68).
* Redmoat. - The Story-Teller Dec 1912 (n° 69).
* The Green Mist. - The Story-Teller Jan 1913 (n° 70).
* The Call of Siva. - The Story-Teller Feb 1913 (n° 71).
* Kâramanêh. - The Story-Teller Mar 1913 (n° 72).
* "Andaman---Second!". - The Story-Teller Apr 1913 (n° 73).
* The Golden Flask. - The Story-Teller May 1913 (n° 74).
* The Spores of Death. - The Story-Teller Jun 1913 (n° 75).
* The Knocking on the Door. - The Story-Teller July 1913 (n° 76).


[seikkailukirjallisuus - fantasiakirjallisuus / Adventure Fiction - Fantasy Fiction]

K2 - softcover book in very worn condition, binding warped, cover has a long tear an lower spine edge, mended with glue, previous owners name on first page (see picture) - pehmeäkantinen kirja hyvin kuluneessa kunnossa, sidos vino, kansi revennyt pitkälti selän kulmasta alareunasta, selkä korjattu liimalla, edellisen omistajan nimi etulehdellä (katso kuva)

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