by Dan Greenberg

Innovative Investigation and Glimbing Systems

New Monsters

"Stalwart adventurer, fearless hero, famed champion:

You are hereby invited to take part in the greatest endeavor of this age: A race to the top of an unclimbable mountain, the most forbidding spire, Pinnacle.

This impossible contest is being sponsored by the famed Gentlemen's Adventuring Society, renowned for its uncanny ability to do the impossible. After assessing the merits of hundreds of heroes, adventurers, and champions, our judgment has turned favorably to you and your comrades.

If you wish to join this historic expedition, bring this invitation to the Gentlemen's Adventuring Society headquarters on

1 Boulevard of the Regals, Hightower, Korlon.

Be prompt, the excursion is soon.

To the winners of this amazing competition will go a purse of 100,000 golden coins, a priceless trophy, and an indelible place in histoiy.

Signed by his mark this day,

Nickoli Halric Mastevar, MVQ VEP. Lord Presidor, Chief of the Hunt, Vice-Regent for Outland Affairs, Gentlemen's Adventuring Society

Pinnacle" [takakansi]


Adventure for 4-6 Characters at Skill Levels 4-5


Presented by the editors of Role Aids for use with ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS role-playing game


Pehmeäkantinen. Englanninkielinen.


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