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SCANDINAVIAN WORLD COOKING (SAS -lentoyhtiön ruokakirja)

Kustantajana on Sandinavian Airlines v. 1997, 168 sivua.

Kirja on kovakantinen ja varsin hyväkuntoinen.


In the past decade, world gastronomy has developed at a furious pace.  The "global village" is particularly manifest in the meals we serve.  Increasingly, we are redefining local raw materials, combining them in intriguing ways with ingredients and techniques from other parts of the world. In co-operation with some of Scandinavia's leading culinary artists, SAS has developed a new meal concept: Scandinavian World Cooking.  It focuses on contemporary cross-cooking, with Scandinavian food traditions and raw materials as a starting point, and it represents an endeavour to give our passangers and enjoyable journey in gastronomic terms as well as in other respects.  SAS runs an aerial restaurant with 20 million guests a year.  We have now produced a cookery book in which the ideas are adapted to the capacity of home kitchen.  So - please fasten your seatbelts, and let us take off!!"

Ostajalle postikulut tai nouto Helsingissä (Lauttasaari).

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