Serious Sam places gamers in the role of special forces veteran Sam "Serious" Stone. Sam Stone travels back in time to an ancient Egyptian world with the mission of assassinating a great evil--Notorious Mental. Mental has set forth to wipe out Earth and all Humans for sheer fun, just as it did with all of the other civilizations throughout galactic history. Players can defend the world in either single player or multiplayer modes. Multiplayer modes support two to four players in split-screen action on a single computer. In cooperative mode, gamers can join forces against the hordes of enemies. In Serious Sam, players will travel through beautiful and realistic terrain, both indoors and outdoors. Serious Sam's powerful 3D technology, based on the company's proprietary Serious Engine, offers directional lighting and realistic-looking daytime scenes. In addition, the game's technology also allows for multi-directional gravity, dynamic volumetric fog and haze, and destructible objects. Players wishing to create their own levels can use the free Serious Editor and Serious Modeller, which are powerful real-time editing tools that include tutorials.

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